It’s the chicken and the egg problem

–(e-mail: energy@upi. Despite the positive reviews, however, some have expressed concern about investing money in a country like Haiti where political upheaval is not uncommon, stability requires the assistance of international peacekeepers, and corruption is endemic.Hoping to convince Haitians of the economic and environmental benefits of abandoning charcoal in favor of jatropha, a delegation from the Brazilian Association of Jatropha Growers and Haitian businessmen agreed to fund a pilot project in Haiti to demonstrate how the plant could be cultivated and become the country’s leading product for domestic use.”Others are decidedly less pessimistic about Haiti’s chances of improving, at least when it comes to finding an alternative energy source to charcoal. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice provided an outline for pilot projects promoting alternative energy in Central America and the Caribbean, including Haiti. Rice’s remarks followed the March 2007 memorandum of understanding between Brazil and the United States “toward the development of affordable, clean, and sustainable energy sources” in the Western Hemisphere. Once planted, jatropha needs little moisture and can thrive for up to 50 years, even in poor soil conditions. In comparison, soybeans used to make biofuels yield less than 1 ton per hectare planted. With few reliable sources of fuel for cooking and cleaning, most people rely on charcoal made from local trees to heat water for cooking.. Livestock and other animals won’t eat jatropha after it is three months old, and the plant begins bearing the seeds needed to make fuel after nine months, yielding anywhere between 6 and 12 tons of fuel per hectare planted.In June, at a regional summit in Panama, U. Erosion coupled with pollution has also muddied the once-fruitful fishing waters of Haiti, forcing fishermen to cast their nets farther out to sea..S. “We seek to promote the democratization of energy in the Americas, increasing the number of energy suppliers, expanding the market and reducing supply disruption,” said Rice at the Organization of American States summit.But charcoal is a necessity of living in Haiti where most people live on less than $1 a day and public utilities are unreliable and far from pervasive. and you’ll never get it without taking a risk.MIAMI, Oct. Its use, however, has left the country’s once-lush countryside damaged.

“It’s the chicken and the egg problem,” noted Peter Hakim, president of the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue. Forman noted that the Haitian members of the government were keen to see jatropha take off, particularly President Rene Preval, who before assuming office was an agronomist.Daily rainstorms during the summer hurricane season often lead to flash-flooding and the dumping of massive amounts of silt and stones into the country’s streams and rivers, blocking water sources.Brazil, already a world leader in sugar-based ethanol production, is also leading a global effort to promote jatropha in poor nations with few natural “They (the Brazilians) have a wealth of experience in the production of biofuels,” Johanna Mendelson Forman, a senior associate at the Center for Strategic & International Studies who attended last week’s meeting, told United Press International Tuesday.

The fuel of choice promoted at a recent meeting among potential investors in Port-au-Prince is the jatropha curcas, a hearty seed-bearing plant that already flourishes in Haiti’s soil, eroded motorcycle bearing manufacturers by charcoal use. “If you never do anything in the country (Haiti) to address the problem of stability, then you won’t have stability . 31 (UPI) — Brazilian and Haitian investors appear keen to jump-start Haiti’s efforts to produce alternative biofuels as a substitute for charcoal, the country’s leading domestic fuel that has been blamed for widespread deforestation over the past several decades

Those born on this date are under the sign of Virgo

Martin in 1948 (age 65); hockey Hall of Fame member Guy Lafleur in 1951 (age 62); actors Gary Cole in 1956 (age 57) and Kristen Johnston in 1967 (age 46); musicians Gunnar and Matthew Nelson in 1967 (age 46); and boxing champion Hector Camacho Jr.S. It remained closed for 10 days.S.In 2011, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on openly gay U.In 2004, CBS News said it regretted broadcasting a controversial report about U. President George W.S. The controversial 1993 law had allowed gays to serve only if they kept their sexual orientation private.In 2001, Pennsylvania Gov.

A thought for the day: American preacher, physician and suffragist Anna Howard Shaw said, “It is better to be true to what you believe, though that be wrong, than to be false to what you believe, even if non-standard bearing manufacturers that belief is correct.S. Bush “the devil” in a U. President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton ended without any indictments being issued.S. speech and accused the United States of trying to dominate the world. They include Italian pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ernesto Teodoro Moneta in 1833; novelist Upton Sinclair in 1878; Sister Elizabeth Kenny, Australian nurse who pioneered the care of polio victims, in 1880; musician Jelly Roll Morton in 1885, basketball Hall of Fame Coach Arnold Jacob “Red” Auerbach and actor Fernando Rey, both in 1917; fashion designer James Galanos in 1924 (age 89), actors Anne Meara in 1929 (age 84) and Sophia Loren in 1934 (age 79); writer George R.In 1946, the first Cannes Film Festival opened on the French Riviera. military has had “no overall negative impact” on readiness, a UCLA study found.In 2005, the Bush administration’s disapproval rating reached a reported all-time high of 58 percent in a USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was charged with defrauding investors of $60 million. in 1978 (age 35). Embassy annex in Lebanon, killing 23 people, including two Americans.In 2007, Norman Hsu, a major Democratic fundraiser for U.In 2000, the six-year Whitewater investigation of U. It was the third terrorist attack on U.

On this date in history:In 1519, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan began a voyage to find a western passage to the East Indies. service members was officially repealed at 1 minute past midnight, ending a policy under which about 14,000 men and women were discharged.Today is Friday, Sept. installations in Beirut in 17 months.In 1984, Muslim militants bombed the U. Clinton said funds donated on her behalf would be returned. Department of Homeland Security.S. 20, the 263rd day of 2013 with 102 to follow.In 1966, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II launched the Cunard liner bearing her name, often shortened to QE-2. Morning stars are Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.In 2012, the year-old repeal of a ban on gays in the U.N.In 1973, Billy Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match.”.S. Evening stars are Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and Venus.

Those born on this date are under the sign of Virgo. It eventually became the only ocean liner on the once thriving trans-Atlantic route.S. An earlier attempt to begin the international movie showcase in 1939 was halted by the outbreak of World War II. President George W. Tom Ridge was named to lead the new U. Sen.R. Independent Counsel Robert Ray said there was insufficient evidence to establish criminal wrongdoing. Bush’s military service duty, saying its source misled the network.The moon is waning.In 2006, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez called U.S.In 1873, financial chaos forced the New York Stock Exchange to close

And that’s where your local emergency

.Amtrak and major airlines started canceling routes and flights or putting them on a watch list in anticipation of the storm, CNN reported. A tropical storm watch was in effect from the Merrimack River to Eastport, Maine.Obama issued a disaster declaration for New York to speed emergency relief efforts.

At a minimum, especially from, I’d say, the Washington, D.”Irene’s intense brush with southern Florida battered beaches and endangered swimmers and surfers, the Palm Beach Post reported. ., with a tropical storm warning in effect north of Edisto Beach, S.Palm Beach County emergency officials said eight people were injured Thursday after a large wave knocked them down at the north jetty of the Boynton Inlet.Hurricane warnings were in effect from Little River Inlet, N. We all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst. Don’t delay.C.Weather advisories ranging from tropical storm watches and warnings to hurricane watches and warnings were posted all along the East Coast.

And that’s where your local emergency manager will be evacuating people,” Read said.C., north to Sagamore Beach, Mass.-area up through Boston, when you’re right on thin-wall bearing manufacturers the coast there, we have tidal issues so we’re gonna have to worry about storm-surge flooding in the low places.C.In Jupiter, Fla.”Everybody should take this very seriously,” said North Carolina Gov. I don’t see it falling apart.”I’d say, at a minimum, you’re going to get tropical-storm-force winds in every one of those cities., to Little River Inlet, Chesapeake Bay from Drum Point to the Potomac River tidal area and from north of Sagamore Beach to the Merrimack River.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president was cutting short his vacation and heading back to Washington Friday night.Bill Read, director of the National Hurricane Center, said in an ABC interview the problem with Irene is the storm is taking aim at so many population centers, potentially wreaking havoc with electrical lines due to falling trees and limbs and producing massive flooding.” Obama said he spoke with mayors and governors along the Eastern Seaboard Friday morning “to let them know that this administration is in full support of their efforts to prepare for this storm and stands ready to fully support their response efforts

.The French need to confront serious crises

In all likelihood, that means he will get his 15 minutes of fame, he will get crushed in the May 5 runoff against President Jacques Chirac, and life will go on. Many French still have very mixed feelings about integration. He once dismissed the Holocaust as a “detail” of history

.The French need to confront serious crises not only in their politics but in their changing demography, their economic choices, and their deepening social conflicts. Statistics may have a nasty habit of lying, yet those same French kibitzers who ritually deplore the irresponsibility of the American political system must now confront numbers that say nearly 60 percent of the French electorate was so disenchanted with the old political elites of the center-right and the center-left that it opted either not to vote or to cast votes for extremists.Chicago TribuneFrance’s far-right gadfly Jean-Marie Le Pen placed an astonishing second of 16 candidates in Sunday’s presidential election. It is already. European leaders have to prepare their citizens for the inevitable demographic changes that will come as they bring down the walls between countries and integrate the continent. It is in the interest of France’s allies that the French overcome their current humiliation..The French will be embarrassed by the world’s attention, especially after elitist ranks of society failed to take Le Pen seriously while his populist appeal attracted constituents worried about immigrants, lost jobs and being swept into an integrated Europe. There is a rising anti-immigrant backlash in Europe, which helped Le Pen.. This implosion of the French political system had several causes.Europe also has some issues to deal with. ..

Thousands of people took to the streets Monday in Paris, Lyons, Strasbourg and cities across the nation to protest the strong showing of the extreme rightist Le Pen, whose anti-immigration crusade is short on lucidity and long on bigotry.In that sense, this is a warning for the European Union. .France will be anguished. Most evident in the results were the relatively high rate of abstention — 28 percent — and the combined tally of the far right and the far left — cost-effective bearing manufacturers another 30 percent.. France and Germany were to be the foundation for an integrated Europe.